We’re hoping our Lousiana based readers can shed some light on these docs involving Judge Haik

From the commentary on our O’Dwyer page.

First the memorandum in support of the motion:

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Then the affidavit in support: Continue reading “We’re hoping our Lousiana based readers can shed some light on these docs involving Judge Haik”

Catching up with Coastie Kevin Buckel and his Open Records Suit Against the Commish (Updated)

Kevin Buckel is a familiar name to us at Slabbed and I was very happy to hear from him via email last week. Anita Lee at the Sun Herald has been keeping up with Mr Buckel’s efforts at fostering transparency at the Mississippi DOI as well as his citizen push to have the legislature afford Mississippian/policyholders basic protections afforded citizens elsewhere via a policyholder bill of rights which once again fell victim earlier this year to the insurance lobby at the capitol. Mr Buckel has also received assistance and some backing from United Policyholders in his efforts.

The DOI here in Mississippi, run by former insurance agent underwriter Mike Chaney, has thus far resisted Mr Buckel’s efforts.  He subsequently filed suit against the Commish to compel production of the MID’s public records in an action I briefly profiled in early March. The Sun Herald story is long gone from their website but there is still a copy in the google cache for those interested in seeing the story in its entirety.

Since that time Mr Chaney has filed a motion for summary judgement and Mr Buckel has repliedMr Buckel has a website with links to some of those legal docs as well as proposed state legislation he has pushed.

Tomorrow there will be a hearing on this case. We’re trying to get more specific info which is a challenge as the online court docket is down. If Steve can shake some time loose we’ll also be there.


Kevin emailed me with the hearing time tomorrow. It will be at 9:30AM at the County Courthouse, Chancery Court.