Shake it up baby, come on, come on, come on and work it ALL out – not just Hood and State Farm

With the notable exception of MR-GO, nothing about Hurricane Katrina should be sealed; yet, State Farm has sealed so many Katrina litigation documents, the Company is the hands down winner of the “Duck tape saves the day contest“.

Y’ took a step in the right direction today with this announcement:

Jackson New Media, Inc., publisher of the political interest website, has filed to intervene in the 2007 federal court case of State Farm Insurance vs. Attorney General Jim Hood

Jackson New Media attorney Andy Taggart stated, “Hundreds of thousands of Mississippians were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina. This was a watershed piece of litigation that tens of thousands of homeowners and all Mississippi taxpayers have a stake in. All we ask from the Court is to allow the press and the public their First Amendment right to access to relevant court materials and remove the lingering doubts as to what really happened in this matter.”

You know you look so good,
You got me going now.

The public’s First Amendment right to access relevant court materials does not begin and end with State Farm v Hood. In fact, in the context of Katrina litigation, the case pales by comparison to the relevant court materials that have been sealed since the 29th of August, 2005, when Katrina blew apart homes and families, neighborhoods and communities.  Only a small portion of the damage was actually washed away in the surge.

Jackson New Media has the opportunity to unseal us from the destruction, rebuild the integrity of litigation in this State and begin the renewal of our collective faith in the blind justice that makes all equal under law.

Asking to unseal a single document will cause some to question the motives of this worthy effort – one that comes on the heels of the compelling amended complaint in O’Keefe v State Farm and only a few days after the Southern District Federal Court ordered the deposition of Lecky King just weeks before a do-or-die hearing in the Rigsby qui tam case.

Work it all out – expand the motion to include the countless number of sealed depositions and settlement agreements.   Remove any doubt about fraud in the MID mediation process as the Shows defendants claimed.  Expose every settlement document State Farm has sealed – and there are literally thousands.

Shake it, shake it, shake it – get an unredacted copy of the affidavit of State Farm CEO Ed Rust  so we can all see if he lied to Judge Senter as claimed in Fowler v State Farm

Let State Farm twist so all may shout, Justice has been served!

3 thoughts on “Shake it up baby, come on, come on, come on and work it ALL out – not just Hood and State Farm”

  1. The policyholder litlgation involves private parties so I don’t think we’ll get far there. I for one am very curious as to the timing of the request but I also agree the case docs should not be sealed. And like you not just those invoilving Jim Hood, but Ed Rust and his redacted quotes and case docs in Fowler v State Farm. And while we’re on this topic the silly blanket claims of trade secrets by insurers needs a good looksie too. Our court systems need to be open, not adjuncts of big business.

    I for one am for banning the private settlement. To my mind the second parties hit a public accomodation like our court system to resolve their disputes is the second their right to privacy in those matters ends.

    In the end I think this Hood thing has a shelf life of a day or so. He probably pumped his side too much but this is also 14 month old news.

    Of this there is no doubt, Sheila Birnbaum has made Jim Hood her beetch. If there is a next time he’ll know better than to cave in to the pressure State Farm and Scruggs put him under to prematurely end his criminal investigation so they could cram through a self serving legal settlement. The MID is complicit to the extent they did Woullard lite and shafted the people down here in the process.

    Alan Lange has opened pandoras box. His interest doesn’t lie in exposing State Farm’s bad behavior. By the same token the people down here also don’t need that service from him anyhow.


  2. Maybe then reviewed in camera but every investigation looking at shift of private coverage to NFIP has been stalled by these sealed settlements.

    For example Sop, let’s say in “phase 1” you load the NFIP, in “phase 2″ you shift back just enough to look credible”, in “phase 3” you shift what you’re forced to in liitigation – assuming you’re not paying the government back (and often making the policyholders return NFIP funds, in “phase 4” you’ve collected a nice piece of change – and exactly how much is all sealed up. The courts need to see just how much these insurers have returned to NFIP treasury account.

    We hope the insurers’ records and these sealed deals balance but these are public funds even if the eventual outcome is all that was due the policyholder was from private coverage.

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