SLABBED Daily – April 21

You really have to see it to believe it!  Last week, when Judge Duval issued an order saying that  he would use the Plaintiffs’ “chart of objections” to the governments’ exhibits as soon as the government provided him a copy,  he clearly wasn’t happy with the delay or the chart.order-423

It must have taken him all weekend as there were 1482 exhibits when he ruled on every single one in an Order yesterday – in chart form!

Editillia left a comment about all the press the case has been getting; so, I climbed his Ladder and brought a few back.

NYT: Civil lawsuit over Katrina begins; For the Greater Glory: Lawsuit v Corps of Engineers; CS Monitor: “First real trial” about Katrina under way; LA Times: Katrina negligence case goes to trial Thanks, pal!

Surely not! First, the LA Times reports 20 criminal investigations opened into bailout banks and then Huffington Post lets us know who must have missed the news: Dodd looks to Wall Street for election bailout You hear folks talk about folks who are out of touch but have you ever seen a better example?

Chip Merlin’s definitely “in touch” with  A call to reassess how we gauge damage from hurricane winds

Last on the SLABBED Daily today – and, no Editilla, she doesn’t remind me of Newt – but, then again, I’ve never seen him in a dress. Washington Post: Suddenly Susan!

4 thoughts on “SLABBED Daily – April 21”

  1. Thanks Y’all!
    Another think you might want to thing about regarding this gavel to gavel blogging… as we stalk the nets hunting evil astro-turfers and legit articles alike, I have left links to you in at least 3 Tort Blogs which have posted on MRGO and a couple of Law Prof blogs along the same lines… (look for their IPs) with recommendations of course that they fang thought the whole slabbed site to get good and truly slabbed on the scene down herah, ya’hearah?
    BUT on the Ladder we are carrying you as Daily slabbed MRGO Update to this post… and a link to your pretrial blognanza… always trying to come check too, but this story is really getting about a million legs, thus the Stitchin is gettin Bitchin!
    Soooooo…. I guess I’m getting at cross-linking the hell out of these posts back and forth if you can…
    For one think I thing the pretrial blogging is just Smashing Slabberation and that piece on Dr. van Heerden should be read By Everyone… jus’sayin…
    Great job no lie!
    Y’all remind me of my favorite quote in the book Jurassic Park, of the Chaos Mathematician character Ian Malcome: “It is a mathematical certainty that Life always finds the way.”

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