SLABBED Daily – April 21

You really have to see it to believe it!  Last week, when Judge Duval issued an order saying that  he would use the Plaintiffs’ “chart of objections” to the governments’ exhibits as soon as the government provided him a copy,  he clearly wasn’t happy with the delay or the chart.order-423

It must have taken him all weekend as there were 1482 exhibits when he ruled on every single one in an Order yesterday – in chart form!

Editillia left a comment about all the press the case has been getting; so, I climbed his Ladder and brought a few back.

NYT: Civil lawsuit over Katrina begins; For the Greater Glory: Lawsuit v Corps of Engineers; CS Monitor: “First real trial” about Katrina under way; LA Times: Katrina negligence case goes to trial Thanks, pal!

Surely not! First, the LA Times reports 20 criminal investigations opened into bailout banks and then Continue reading “SLABBED Daily – April 21”

There are as many opinions as there are expert in Rigsby qui tam

Pulling the documents filed today along with Judge Senter’s Order took a lot more time than I expected because of the number and size of Exhibits.

Both parties identified four experts.  State Farm’s are interesting in that two are from Florida and the other two are from Tupelo – right, Tupelo.  Hold that thought for a moment and take a look at the two from Florida:  Curtis Gurley (Exhibit A) and Robert Dean (Exhibit B), both from the University of Florida’s Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering.

Now, back to Tupelo, birthplace of Elvis and a rather unusual place to find not one, but two, expert witnesses on hurricane damage.  Tupelo is located in the red clay hills of the northeast corner of Mississippi in what is call the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain region – just about as far from the Coast as one can travel and still be in Mississippi.

However, Tupelo is also home to Webb Sanders Williams, PLLC; and, the Webb is State Farm attorney Dan Webb who at one time practiced law with none other than Tim Balducci.  Small world.  Continue reading “There are as many opinions as there are expert in Rigsby qui tam”