SLABBED Daily – April 16

An afternoon edition!  The MRGO documents are slow reading; but, I’m almost done.  Plus, we’ll be seeing more of Sop with the 15th deadline behind him.

Daily news has been a little slow – or so it seems with the Daily Journal just now picking up the story of Balducci’s handwritten Answer to Wilson v Scruggs.  Of course, the delay could be the website redesign that has produced urls that could choke tiny url.

Balducci’s most recent admission is that he conspired with Scruggs and others to influence Hinds Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter in another legal-fees lawsuit, Wilson v. Scruggs…While DeLaughter denies it’s true, Scruggs admitted his part just a few days before DeLaughter was indicted in the matter. But Balducci takes it a step further…

Doesn’t he always take things a step further?  Speaking of taking things further, Y’all Politics posted a flash on the State’s attempt to claim the legal fees MCI paid to Joey Langston – the Court permitting Attorney General Jim Hood to enter the case.  I would imagine Hood’s entry has to do with the Constitutional issues involved; but, we’ll have to wait for more to know for certain.

While I was reading the flash, I found the link to an update on Paul Minor’s release.

Sources close to Paul Minor say the incarcerated Mississippi attorney is being told by federal prison officials that he will not be able to attend the funeral for his wife, Syliva, who died late Monday after a long battle with breast cancer.

If that’s the case, IMO, the story is larger than Paul Minor – it’s about a Fifth Circuit Opinion that offered as illusory option to save face.

That’s all for now, MRGO calls – and if you’re not reading the information on storm surge science in these documents, you’re missing something important to Katrina cases.

3 thoughts on “SLABBED Daily – April 16”

  1. I will attempt to be polite as possible. Seeing lawyers “flipping” on each other does provide some sense of satisfaction of seeing justice being done. They are supposed to be the protectors of our country being one governed by the rule of law.

    I have no sympathy for any of them that abandoned that basic responsibilty of their profession.

  2. Very inspirational Steve. We have thousands, if not millions, of those potential stories in our great country. We need for the Feds to quit telling everyone we can’t do it on our own and we need their assistance.

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