SLABBED Daily – April 8

The past that isn’t even past – and the present of Paul Minor no longer has miscellaneous text appearing at the end due to a late night “delete” key malfunction .  now-did-not-c-it until morning.

Another busy day ahead and a mixed bag of news. Two items merit more attention than time permits this morning.

One, from the Sun Herald, FEMA housing aid runs out for storm victims May 1.

The other is a Times Picayune report on flood insurance costs falling 5 percent in parts of Louisiana. Sop and I both have notes for a post on rate changes that are climbing elsewhere; so, you’re certain to read more about rates once our work schedules ease a bit.

If you’re hungry – for news or otherwise – try the Sun Herald story Former coast restaurants’ recipes never fail to please.

An item of personal interest on the Clarion Ledger ends this brief summary, Powe dropping pounds but raising hopes.

…For Powe, whose good-natured attitude has quickly made him a team favorite, going through multiple daily workouts to lose weight hasn’t been particularly difficult. Keeping his strength while dropping those pounds hasn’t been a problem either.

The legend is fading. Reality is emerging…

As his play has improved, Powe has also become more of a leader now that All-American Peria Jerry has departed. Though it’s only his second year with the program, he turned 22 years old in March and brings a level of maturity that teammates appreciate…

“The hard part is turning down that meal,” Powe said with a grin…

The “legend” is the tragic story of a gifted athlete with a severe learning disability who didn’t meet NCAA qualifying requirements when he graduated from high school – and the “reality” of his tackling that challenge head-on is an inspiration IMO.


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