Judge Senter knows hell from high water – floats offer for Rigsbys to respond in new Order

What can I say but I know for certain they’ve gone too far from Judge Senter’s honorable intent.

I want to furnish both sides of this controversy a full and fair opportunity to present the evidence they believe is relevant to the merits of the McIntosh flood claim.

Today, Judge Senter walked the talk of that “honorable intent“.

TEXT ONLY ORDER providing Relators an opportunity to reply to State Farm’s Response and  Memorandum in Support. Relators shall file any reply to State Farm’s response and supporting memorandum no later than noon, 4/9/2009. NO FURTHER WRITTEN ORDER SHALL ISSUE. Signed by District Judge L. T. Senter, Jr., on April 6, 2009.

With several more posts to go before I call it a day, I’ll let Judge Senter’s Order speak for itself and come back later with comments.