Judge Senter knows hell from high water – floats offer for Rigsbys to respond in new Order

What can I say but I know for certain they’ve gone too far from Judge Senter’s honorable intent.

I want to furnish both sides of this controversy a full and fair opportunity to present the evidence they believe is relevant to the merits of the McIntosh flood claim.

Today, Judge Senter walked the talk of that “honorable intent“.

TEXT ONLY ORDER providing Relators an opportunity to reply to State Farm’s Response and  Memorandum in Support. Relators shall file any reply to State Farm’s response and supporting memorandum no later than noon, 4/9/2009. NO FURTHER WRITTEN ORDER SHALL ISSUE. Signed by District Judge L. T. Senter, Jr., on April 6, 2009.

With several more posts to go before I call it a day, I’ll let Judge Senter’s Order speak for itself and come back later with comments.

How do you spell Renfroe v Rigsby? O-V-E-R

No need to spell relieved when Judge Acker’s lip prints are all over his Order kissing Renfroe v Rigsby good-bye – and, just guessing, but I suspect there’s lipstick on the Rigbys’ copy and Renfroe’s, too.

The court having been informed that the parties in the above entitled action have reached a settlement, the action is hereby DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. The parties shall have until 4:30 p.m., April 30, 2009, to request the substitution of a modified stipulated final judgment and to inform the court what should be done with the documents in the court’s custody. Unless there is a joint request to relinquish the documents to a named person, the documents will be shredded by the court.

The parties shall bear their own respective costs. DONE this 7th day of April, 2009.

Judge Acker’s realization that he’s stuck with a truckload of qui tam evidence in his office reminds me of State Farm’s Response to Relators’ Motion for Leave to Propound Expedited Document Requests in Order to Respond to Defendants’ Pending Dispositive Motions:

Turn the clock back to August 27, 2008: Continue reading “How do you spell Renfroe v Rigsby? O-V-E-R”

BREAKING: TARP IG Opens AIG Bank Payments Probe

Zero Hedge  broke the story, we immediately recognized its importance and now the TARP Inspector General wants a looksie. Once again leadership on making certain the taxpayers are protected as much as possible is found in the House of Representatives.  Bloomberg has the story: (h/t Zero Hedge)

The Treasury’s chief watchdog for the U.S. financial rescue program is probing whether American International Group Inc. paid more than necessary to banks including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. after the insurer’s bailout.

Neil Barofsky, special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, opened an audit last week into whether there were attempts made by New York-based AIG or the government to reduce the payments, according to an April 3 letter to Representative Elijah Cummings. The Maryland Democrat had requested the probe last month along with 26 other members of Congress.

Lawmakers, frustrated with the cost of an AIG bailout that has expanded three times, have asked why about $50 billion was paid after the initial September rescue to banks that bought credit-default swaps from the firm. The audit will reveal who made “critical decisions” regarding the payments and provide an explanation for the actions, Barofsky said.

“To what extent did AIG pay counterparty claims at 100 percent of face value and was any attempt made to renegotiate and close out these claims with ‘haircuts?’” Barofsky wrote. “Questions concerning whether AIG paid more than necessary to counterparties and whether Treasury adequately monitored such payments are clearly relevant.” Continue reading “BREAKING: TARP IG Opens AIG Bank Payments Probe”

Not to Belabor the Point…..

But pictures are truly worth 1000 words. For instance take these from our archives of the McIntosh residence which is one of the focal points in the False Claims Act lawsuit against State Farm.  There was around 4 feet of water inside the residence when the storm surge peaked in the Biloxi Bay several hours after Hurricane force winds began blowing.

mcintosh-exteriorRemember the neighbors said the house next door blew apart and into the McIntosh residence which in turn breached its structural integrity. I wonder whose roof trusses are in the picture? The McIntosh residence still has its roof and there is no house between them and the water. Continue reading “Not to Belabor the Point…..”

Unlikely Heros and Honorary Slabbers: DeLisle’s Marsha Barbour Community Center

Katrina made for several unlikely combinations such as a Baptist Church in Texas pairing up with the Rainbow Family to feed the people of Bay-Waveland for months after the storm. For most of the locals it was a broadening experience that also illustrated that the desire to help cut across every imaginable social strata.

Having lived the Katrina experience I’m not surprised to see Fox news analyst Ellen Ratner pair up with Marsha Barbour to help the hard hit community of DeLisle. Robin Fitzgerald at the Sun Herald sets up the story:

Ellen Ratner’s generosity will help pay for a community center in the Pass Christian/DeLisle area and a transitional workforce center in Gulfport to house homeless men and provide them job training.

Ratner is Washington bureau chief of the Talk Radio News Service and a political commentator for FOX News Channel, among other roles as a news analyst and correspondent.

The center, slated to open on the 4th anniversary of Katrina traces it origins to a chance meeting with a local attorney:

Ratner said any credit for the start of both projects goes back to Nicks, whom she met on an airplane after Katrina. Nicks, her children and husband Myrick Nicks, principal of Gautier High, were seeking refuge in Washington, D.C., after Katrina. The family lives in Gulfport.

Ratner said she was moved by compassion as Nicks told her of the struggles of Pass Christian/DeLisle residents who survived Katrina but lost all they had. Continue reading “Unlikely Heros and Honorary Slabbers: DeLisle’s Marsha Barbour Community Center”

SLABBED Daily – April 7

Asher Liam Senor, all 9lbs. 4ozs and 21.5 inches of him, arrived before game time – giving his grandfather time to celebrate his arrival and the Tar Heels’ big win! Congratulations, Jim.  Send us a picture (of your grandson, not the basketball team)

Big news in Louisiana!  Rebecca Mowbray reports Court decision extends time frame for suing insurers for the Times Picayune.

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and other insurers may face a new round of lawsuits related to Hurricane Katrina even though the deadline for filing expired a year and a half ago. The Louisiana Supreme Court declined late last week to hear an appeal in the case of Brenda Pitts v. Louisiana Citizens, thereby allowing a lower court decision favorable to policyholders to stand. Continue reading “SLABBED Daily – April 7”