Breaking News: Benavides replaces Owen on 5th Circuit panel hearing Minor appeal

Yesterday, Y’all Politics reported Paul Minor’s attorney Hiram Eastland petitioned Judge Pricilla Owen to step aside on appeal.  The Y’all post included a copy of Eastland’s letter to Judge Owen.

Having recently been notified that you are to serve on the panel of United States v. Paul S. Minor, No. 07-6075], I respectfully write to call to your attention matters of which you may not be aware in connection with this case. In summary, the matters relate to the intersection between this case and Karl Rove, former adviser to the President. Public sources report that you have a professional and persona] relationship with Mr. Rove. They report that Mr. Rove served as your campaign manager for your election to the Texas Supreme Court and that he received the sum of $250,000 for that engagement. Public sources also report that you and Mr. Rove are personal friends and have been for some time. Similarly, Mr. Rove was a forceful proponent of your nomination to the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Exh.1; Exh. 2…

Obviously, you are in a better position than anyone to evaluate the question best described by the court  in Jordan.  We bring this matter to your attention so that you can make an informed judgment. Please accept this letter and information in the most respectful spirit in which it is intended.

Eastland’s mannerly presentation of the issues had an impact.  Sources in Texas tell SLABBED that Judge Owen stepped aside this morning and Judge Benavides has been appointed to replace her on the panel hearing Minor’s appeal.

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