The Daily Slab – March 27

All the coverage we’ve given to the flooding in North Dakota linked SLABBED to Retrieverman’s weblog. noth-dakota-flood-golden1

This is a golden retriever that I’m sure you’ve all seen on the news. The dog’s name is “Annie,” and she belongs to a resident near the Red River of the North in Fargo, North Dakota.

Fargo is expecting a record flood this time, which is why they’ve sandbagged. This is a pretty bad natural disaster by anyone’s imagination.

However, look at the dog for minute. This is the type of golden that is still common in the Upper Midwest, dark -colored and, in the case of this one, rather wavy-coated. This dog’s coat is really quite similar to what I imagine the Tweed water dog or Tweed water spaniel’s coat looked like.

These dogs largely descend from earlier imports from Canada, which were all meant to be working dogs. These dogs were first imported to Canada by  Colonel Samuel Magoffin. These dogs were kept at his home in Vancouver and were well-used as working dogs. These dogs were registered under the kennel name of Rockhaven. There were also dogs  of a similar type imported by Bart Armstrong of Winnipeg, Manitoba, for his Gilnockie kennels.

The original goldens in North America would be what we would call “field-line” or “working-type” today. However, many of these dogs made up the original show population of this country…

The weather is big news in Mississippi, too, as Storms take toll.

The five confirmed tornadoes that struck central Mississippi early Thursday injured at least 29 people, destroyed more than 40 homes and damaged about 160 houses, mobile homes and other structures.

Watch for updates during the day.  Contribute what you find to comments.


Poor Father Fannon can’t catch a weather break as a tornado tore the roof off St Matthews Church in rural Hancock County. Prior to his assignment at St Matthew’s Father Fannon was pastor at St Clare in Waveland.

Butch Brown at MDOT is feeling the Senate hearing pressure as he urges employees to vote for him in Internet popularity contests.

Shrimp season opens north of the intercoastal waterway next Monday.

The library group remains stuck in 2005. WLOX continues to pump the group, no doubt because they have an employee involved in We the People. The basic problem here is they want to dictate instead of do. Do bees win in life while don’t bees………

Mr Go’s closure is a go. The ceremony is set for Saturday.