One thought on “This just in from the War Department Part II”

  1. Thanks. I spent alot of time last night trying to find the next scene on youtube for this movie. But I couldn’t find it. Great movie selection and I even had some fresh popcorn. I think I’m going to cancel HBO/Cinemax and order Netflix soon.

    I’m pumped up and ready to take the head off this beast we call big insurance. They are a dinosaur. The last vestiges of a bygone era when robber barrons ruled society with an iron fist.

    I think I understand your first video now-

    Rossie has sacrificed himself for his master. A mere puppet on a string he had became. I don’t think he knew the level of intellectual dishonesty State Farm would require of him when he first decided to blog about Katrina. He truely sacrificed himself in the service of his master. Sad case indeed.

    I can say with all honesty that I did try to help the man. My offer to help him visit the people and places he writes about so freely was sincere. He claims intellectual honesty would not allow him to visit us. His was a more virtuous calling he claimed. One of intellectual honesty born out of the law which cannot be swayed by contact with the subject matter. In the end that was his undoing. His spoon fed diet of information was revealed to be far from intellectually honest.

    To me Rossie is the lowest scum this earth has to offer. Those that showed up after Katrina with an offer to help, while placing a knife in our back.

    Unfortunately, for Rossie, that knife has now been returned to its rightfull owner. Good work SOP.

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