The Daily Slab – March 26 UPDATED

sfad1Do you  think they have folks stationed outside the door so they’ll know then the “honeymoon’s over”? Are people  “in bed with the insurance industry” in ways we haven’t imagined?  Maybe I’m just tired; but, this ad struck me as funny – real funny.

North Dakota braces for record flooding; Ice jam in Missouri River blown up (CNN) and ND Mayor “optimistic” after blast to clear ice (Yahoo news). They’re doing all of this in fresh snow!

Flooding poses danger in Mississippi (Clarion Ledger) Think blasting our potholes would work? It’s raining now and expected to continue through Friday.

The state capital of Mississippi boasts down-home charm, a can-do attitude and an array of dynamic businesses. (CNN Money h/t State Street Posts)

st_paddys21The entrepreneurial spirit permeates Jackson like the scent of magnolia blossoms.

It’s showcased every March, when the city hosts the annual Mal’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade…Leading the procession is one of the city’s most famous – and colorful – entrepreneurs, Jill Conner Browne.

Each year she and her entourage march down the street in giant red wigs, white Marionette boots and spangly green-and-pink costumes, playing the part of Sweet Potato Queens, their larger-than-life persona.

Browne has created an empire around her best-selling books, which feature the smart-mouthed advice-giving Sweet Potato Queens (the latest being American Thighs: The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets)

The Queens have their own website – and you’ll want to visit.

It’s probably not a good idea for you to be looking at this website while you’re at work on account of, once you start, you are gonna be so mesmerized by our utter fabulosity, you will no doubt end up gazing at us for hours on end. We understand — happens to us every time. We find we simply cannot get enough of Us.  Ever.

No new indictments in judicial bribery probe (Clarion Ledger)

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bob Norman said prosecutors weren’t asking for any indictments this week — just presenting evidence.`Asked when indictments might be presented, Norman would not comment.

Norman may not be commenting but “people are talking” and just dying to know his target.  Most seem to think it’s “big tobacco money”.  Maybe so.  It certainly isn’t “big insurance”

Sever storm leaves McGee in “dire straights” (Clarion Ledger) More on the damage there as we have information.

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UPDATE Governor Barbour declares state of emergency (Clarion Ledger)

Gov. Haley Barbour declared a state of emergency for several counties Thursday after storms sweeping through Mississippi caused injuries to more than 20 people and damage to more than 60 homes, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported.

Corinth Baptist Church (McGee / Simpson County) leveled by storm.

“That’s the number of reports we have so far; that number could change,” said Jeff Rent, MEMA spokesman.

The state of emergency was declared for Adams, Amite, Jasper, Jones, Lauderdale, Lincoln, Madison and Simpson counties, according to Barbour’s spokesman Dan Turner.

Apparently, much of the damage occurred in the Simpson County town of Magee. Several other areas were affected as well.

Magee Mayor Jimmy Clyde told NBC’s “Today” show that the town about 40 miles southeast of Jackson was in “dire straits.”

“We have no power,” he said. “Most of the roads into and out of our city are blocked. It damaged our water supply.”

Storm damage (Madison County)

…Joanne Culin, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson, said the agency never likes to say with certainty whether damage is the result of a tornado or straight-line winds until a full assessment can be made.

However, she said regarding the Magee storm that she felt “very confident that that was a tornado.”

“The signature on radar was unmistakable,” Culin said…

Crews are out continuing to assess the damage, according to the Clarion Ledger.

5 thoughts on “The Daily Slab – March 26 UPDATED”

  1. I was updating with the Yahoo news story when I saw your link, Steve. Thanks.

    It’s reporting 17 injured – something I didn’t find in story. So far, reports from Madison are just downed trees and loss of power.

  2. The Sun Herald just put up this county by county damage report.

    Here are the county-by-county damage reports sent in to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency due to severe weather that occurred Wednesday and Thursday:

    Adams: Numerous trees and power lines down county wide.

    Amite: Trees and power lines down and wide spread power outages.

    Jasper: Three homes damaged, one injury.

    Jones: Two homes damaged, three injuries.

    Lauderdale: Two homes major damage, nine homes minor damage, one business destroyed, one business minor damage.

    Lincoln: Trees and power lines down.

    Madison: Trees and power lines down.

    Simpson: 60 homes damaged.

    Emergency management crews in all the affected areas are working to assess the damages


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