No Respect for Judge Berrigan……

At least not in Campo v Allstate where the 5th Circuit reversed her summary judgment ruling in favor of Allstate.  This is not the first time Judge Berrigan’s shoddy judicial work in the Louisiana Eastern District has graced our pages. It would be nice if some of these judges would take time to LEARN the law before they rule in favor of their insurance company bar buddies.

Our congrats to Perry Nicosia who secured for the Campos their day in court.


4 thoughts on “No Respect for Judge Berrigan……”

  1. AMEN!!!

    Her rulings have been so bad and so legally incorrect I have been left speechless at times.

    Her Ferguson opinion was simply made up out of thin air without any regard to the law.

    I will say it again: “Quit making up the law and do your job as an Eerie court and simply follow the state substantive law.”

  2. All I can say, NRB, is to repeat my earlier observation that her background with ACLU gives her a different perspective, perhaps. There’s no question she’s smart but this was not a hard case in terms of the controlling law and she just flat missed it.

    That makes her 0 for 2 in decisions we’ve covered but, in this case, the Plaintiff gets another shot. The other guy doesn’t.

    I can’t help but wonder if attorneys in general aren’t assuming judges know more than they do about insurance law – it would be understandable, then, that some have not included the basics in their pleadings thinking it would be insulting when it would actually be enlightening.

  3. Her decision to bring down St. Bernard with (4) 77 unit housing projects makes me sick after 2 years of hard work to come home. Can’t the residents of St. Bernard vote on this to protect ourselves?

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