Takin’ it as it comes – weekend music (ode to Kodrin)

Well you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’; and, I couldn’t find Pissin’ in the wind on video – so, I’m just takin’ it as it comes.  BYOB.


2 thoughts on “Takin’ it as it comes – weekend music (ode to Kodrin)”

  1. Hey Youz! We love Jerry Jeff.
    We at a friend’s computer today (and possibly during next week too) in Memphis. Editilla’s Watership is Down.
    But This friend Tawnee has an ubber fast thingy (that I want… to configure into the next configugal congregational computationz…) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Just wanted to drop y’all a line…
    We may give ATT the boot da’bastads grrrr….
    No Ladderation makes Editilla a fuckless Hun!
    But we got people. Yes we got people and a puppy so pluke all youz Borgetta wanna charge for internets! HA!
    Ani Defranco sayz everyone’s a fucking Napoleon… she also makes me cry for Birmingham and Buffalo… whatta gal…

    You should know that in 1984 I reread the BOOK. Hell we thought we’d seen it all with Reagan but you know I knew it wasn’t nearly anything but the beginning cause you can’t just turn it off when out plowing the killing fields.
    Really, probably 200,000 Central Americans died during the Reagan administration. Like stars so far away we won’t even ever hear many of their names.
    We thought we’d heard it all when that befuddles bastard said trees cause pollution or that we will achieve peace through strength of arms build-ups.
    Hell we thought then that THEY were reading the BOOK too, possibly even out-loud to themselves in their dark rooms the bastads… the ugly ganstas of the Reagan Presidency.
    But…that was only the end of the opening scene of an open-ended Finite Game.

    But one thing I know now? No Ladder make Editilla a Bad Pun, Hard Boileded Egghead Fool…
    in short

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