2 thoughts on “Sop, we need to talk causation!”

  1. No comment Nowdy. Rick’s anology of the prize fight junkie comes to mind and things are heating up in both “Ex Rel” cases.

    There has been alot of water under the bridge since September 26, 2008 with the collapse of Wall Street’s various and sundry financial scams including rocket scientists at State Farm and Allstate loading up their reinsurance programs with subprime mortgages. HIG and AIG have become veritable poster children for doing the counter party thang on speculative credit default swaps. (When the execs there weren’t paying themselves obscene salary and bonsues that is.)

    And of course policyholders have chalked up some big wins in Dickinson and Grilletta. And we are seeing evidence in the court records that the trial lawyers are finally breaking through State Farm’s great wall of bullshit in cases like Gagne. And there are still more cases coming. :-)

    Rossie has good sources at State Farm, it will be interesting to see what he posts.


    1. It will be interesting but all I do there is read, never made the “cut” to comment. Finally just said WTF and moved on.

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