What’s another 30 days when things are going so well? Renfroe v Rigsby

Here’s the latest Joint Motion from the Renfroe v Rigsby settlement talks – Joint MOTION for Extension of Time Motion for Additional Extension of Time.

The settlement negotiations between Plaintiff E. A. Renfroe & Company, Inc. and Defendants Cori Rigsby and Kerri Rigsby are bearing fruit, and the parties are very close to finalizing a settlement. They do, however, need additional time to resolve specific language of the agreement and its supporting documents.

To provide them the time necessary to finalize their settlement documents, the parties jointly request that this Court again extend the deadlines for briefing set out in the Order dated January 28, 2009…the Memorandum Opinion and Order dated February 9,2009…and modified by Docket entry on February 13,2009.

The parties seek to extend the deadlines…by an additional 30 days to allow the parties to work out the details of settlement. The parties will promptly notify this Court when the settlement documents have been finalized to seek abatement of all remaining· deadlines.

As you can see from the docket entry, Judge Acker granted the motion – once again without specifying the actual deadline dates. 

ORDER granting and ordering accordingly Motion for Extension of Time by an additional 30 days. Signed by Judge William M Acker, Jr on 03/02/09. (SKB) (Entered: 03/02/2009)

Here’s an updated version of the deadline calendar from my post on the 14-day extension:

Here’s how I read the calendar of deadlines based on the Order (1/09/09) and Opinion and Order (2/09/09) in light of the subsequent granting of the 30-day extension of the two-week extension requested in the Joint Motion:

  • February 27: March 28:  Due date for affidavit that “Plaintiff should not waste its time, or that of this court” submitting.
  • March 12:  April 11: Due date for Defendants response to affidavit Plantiff should not submit.
  • March 2: April 1: Deadline for Settlement or for Renfroe to file Interlocutory Appeal calculated by adding two weeks to the seven days from date of Order (February 9).
  • If this is a leap year, leap!

It wasn’t leap year; but, you still have to calculate the 30 calendar day extension from dates in the shortest month of the year followed by one of the seven with 31-days – and that makes me want to leap even if the year didn’t!

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