The rats are jumping ship….

The Hartford’s President/COO thinks now is a good time to skedaddle but cry not for Tom Marra as he leaves still very well stocked with freebie stock. At least the HIG shareholders that lost their rear ends have the pleasure of knowing his option gun is worthless. Next stop, probably through the revolving door to the Connecticut DOI as it’s time for Mr Sullivan to recycle back to the Hartford. So far no word yet from Connecticut DOI on how well counting deferred tax assets as tangible capital is working out for consumers there. The market’s verdict is decidedly a big two thumbs down.

2 thoughts on “The rats are jumping ship….”

  1. I got you on the Peeyou and will raise you one irate investor on the AIG board that I linked in the other post today.

    when he walked in I saw Dick Cheny’s arm up Jindals Ass making his mouth move. Just like George Bush for all 8 years. Dick Cheny has no reflection in mirrors by the way.

    Great Zappa I’m going to whip out Joe’s Garage Part 1. When I get done some of them cats are gonna wish it was just a Telefunken U47 (with leather). 😉


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