The good people at John Hopkins University Press were very kind to send us…

nwsa-journalAn evaluation copy of their Fall 2008 publication of the National Women’s Studies Association Journal which we will indeed read and evaluate. Here is a snippet from Emmanuel David’s essay which focuses on Women of the Storm:

According to cultural sociologist Jeffrey Alexander, a “cultural trauma occurs when members of a collectivity feel they have been subjected to a horrendous event that leaves indelible marks upon their group consciousness, marking their memories forever and changing their future identity in fundamental and irrevocable ways”……..

On January 10, 2006, an emergent group of women conversed at kitchen tables in Uptown New Orleans and began a grassroots effort to bring members of Congress to the city to witness the storm and flood damage firsthand…….

On January 30, 2006, Women of the Storm assembled 130 Louisiana women, some of whom had lost their homes in the flood and took a chartered flight to Washington. the plane was filled with women from diverse class and race backgrounds and life experiences..

And the rest is now recent history. We’ll be back with another post after we’ve read the entire publication.


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