77-year-old Lexington (AIG) policyholder acting pro-se files hand-written complaint with federal court

I’m seldom at a loss for words; but, then again, none of mine are really needed.

The complaint (typed by yours truly) follows the photo of the heading from page one.  All identifying information has been blocked or removed.



Comes now, Plaintiff, xxxxxxxxx, Pro se, and for cause of action against the Defendant, Lexington Insurance would state: On June 1, 2005 I purchased an insurance policy which included Hurricane damage.

On August 29, 2005, Katrina rendered my home unlivable, and it was condemed by the City of xxxxx.

I had paid the premium for a year in advance and felt certain I would have no problem.  At first the agents sent out by the company agreed with me.  However, after they spoke with their home office things changed.  

Different adjusters came one after another – like a parade and sometimes two at a time.  I began to believe they were trying to find a way not to pay me.

Lexington sent the last engineer to my house a year and a half after Katrina. I believe that it was impossible for him to learn much because everything had changed so much and it was impossible to visualize the way it looked after Katrina.  I had stayed in xxxxx and went to see my home before Katrina was even over.

For almost three years I have tried to come to an agreement with the insurance company but I do not believe they are acting in good faith. One of their so called engineers insisted there wasn’t a tornado within 50 miles of xxxxx.  The so called proof he sent was from xxxx Parish not xxxx County.  He did not provide that until after my third request.

I can not reason with these people with facts.  They only see what they want to see.  I have hand delivered papers to their office and discussed it with them after they’ve received them. Later they requested that I send them again.  They wouldn’t admit that I’d sent them.

The papers in questions were my lists of personal property. It took me two months of hard work to make up that list and it was very hard on me emotionally.

Every time I talked with Mr. xxx xxxx, the man in charge of my case, he requested me for something else. I was back and forth to xxxxxx and all over the Coast.  There were so many nails everywhere that found my tires and I had a really hard time.

I am seventy-seven years old and I now believe he was just giving me “busy work”.  I believe he thought that I would just give up and not press for the money they owed me.

I do not want to sue them but they left me no other choice.  I decided to sue in Federal Court because I live in xxxxxx.  My case is being handled out of Lexington Insurance Company, 100 Summer Street, 17th floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02110.

The fact of this case is that I believe Lexington Insurance Company is not living up to their part of the contract. I paid my money and now, in my opinion they are trying to cheat me.  Already I have lost interest on the money.  Not only that but it costs more than twice as much money to build now than it did three years ago.  Inflation has hit me hard.

My home was 3,016 square feet.  It would probably cost me $600,000 to build back the home I lost.  So far they have paid:

$54,444.53  out of the $250,000 dwelling coverage;

$1050.76 out of the $15,400  other structures;

$0 on my furniture, etc. ($42,200)

They have paid me for loss of use $30,800

E $100,000  F $1000 I’ve gotten nothing on this.

They have paid me nothing on my 25 foot Hunter sailboat.

I also believe they owe me money for all the work, worry, frustration and mental anguish they have caused me.

I accepted the loss of all the treasures that I have collected over my seventy-seven year lifetime because there is else to do – it was just an act of nature; but I do not accept the cruel way I have been treated by the company I hired to protect me.  They have given me more trouble and unhappiness than Katrina.

I don’t think they should be allowed to get away with it.

I am asking the Court to force Lexington to live up to their contract, and give me a little extra for what they have put me through.  They need to learn a lesson…

Respectfully submitted this the twenty-eighth day of August, two thousand and eight.

I don’t think they should be allowed to get away with it, either.  Do you?

8 thoughts on “77-year-old Lexington (AIG) policyholder acting pro-se files hand-written complaint with federal court”

  1. Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, USAA, etc. all treated their older clients just like this description of Lexington. His case should garner much press and this will result in a nice settlement offer. Reason why you know it will be settled is because its true.:)

  2. People have begged the Southern District USA to get involved in these insurance cases and what do they do – represent Lexington against the Mayor of Gulfport and leave a 77 year old woman to fight alone and finally hand write a complaint to see if a federal judge can make Lexington do right.

  3. Wow, better articuated than any lawyer could. These words and phrases ring hollow when they come from lawyers, but this is the finest Katrina Complaint I have seen.

  4. I saw this post early this morning and frankly have been at a loss for words Nowdy. I do know this, if one post could sum up what we are about here at Slabbed this one would be it.

    It is hard to know the particulars but if this 77 year old woman is entitled to additional benefits under her insurance policy with Lexington then by golly we need to ride this until she gets every penny she deserves.


  5. I personally think every member of the bar on the Coast needs to sign on her case.

    I believe she has the typical wind/water claim. The difference is she didn’t wait out the storm but somehow got out before it was over and went to check on her property.

    We’ve had several AIG readers this morning and I hope one is cutting her check now for double what she’s asked as compensation for what she called the “cruel” treatment.

    I’ll definitely be checking the docket.

  6. Before you go talking monetary damages for having the privilege of being both homeless and crapped upon by a private insurer remember we live in Mississippi.


  7. I hear you – but everything here is relative and that puts what she called “cruel” in an even worse light. Triple works for me!

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