What in the world is going on with USA v Perdigao?

I found Waldo and I’m hoping Sally James and NAAS  will stop by with comments on the Motion for Continuation filed in USA v Perdigao.  waldo1

Now comes David L. Arena, Senior United States Probation Officer, and moves the Court for an order continuing the sentence in the above-matter which is currently set for February 11, 2009, because additional time is needed to prepare a pre-sentence report. Neither defense counselor, Charles Griffin, nor Assistant United States Attorney, James Mann, have any objections to a brief continuance. Therefore the probation officer moves the Court to continue the sentencing date in this case for approximately 30 days.

Somehow, I don’t think Sop will be surprised by the delay or the reminder in this Notice of Continuation.

Take Notice that this criminal case has been set for SENTENCING onWEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2009, at 2:00 PM, before JUDGE ELDON E. FALLON, Courtroom C-468, 500 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.

Important: Counsel are hereby notified that any request for the imposition of a Non-Guideline Sentence must comply with the deadlines established in LCrR 32.1.1E regarding the submission of motions or letters requesting departures from the Sentencing Guidelines.

Me? Well, to be honest,  I haven’t been anything but surprised by either USA v Perdigao or Perdigao v Adams & Reese – other than being beyond surprised at this statement in his plea agreement after looking at all those parking tickets:

The government believes that the defendant cannot give useful and truthful cooperation in this matter, therefore, the government will decide if it is necessary that the defendant agree to submit to interviews whenever and wherever requested by law enforcement authorities.

Judge Fallon granted the Motion, by the way.

5 thoughts on “What in the world is going on with USA v Perdigao?”

  1. Observers and commenters on both sides of this case profess to believe Mr Perdigao’s allegations. That doesn’t translate into a courtroom given Mr Perdigao’s problems with cleptomania.

    As you know Nowdy our pages on this case get more consistent hits than any other topic we’ve covered including the good ppl at 20th Century Fox in LA. In respects it is a compelling story.

    I continue to believe we have not heard the last of Jamie Perdigao.


  2. What to do with an alleged liar that is telling the truth. Now we have the alleged liar saying he was lying when he was telling the truth. So typical New Orleans — I am sorry I told the truth because now I see it didn’t work out for me and I am being sentenced today.

  3. Re read that sentencing memo Sally. He expressed remorse for going after Letten and not listening to his lawyers.

    My geenral feeling is Perdigao may be useful to DoJ Public Integrity in their prosecution of Dollar Bill. We’ll find out soon enough.


  4. Perdigao’s lawyers would not have filed the suit if they didn’t have evidence to prove it. Perdigao had good lawyers. Perdigao wasn’t lying.

    Perdigao played with Adams and Reese for years. Played the skimming game through attorney billing. The firm and the attorneys in the firm know that it was all true. Letten knows it is true. Letten warned local attorneys to clean up their billing practices because his office would be prosecuting in the future.

    Local Letten doesn’t touch the locals. You have to be the worst scum of the earth for Letten to move. Letten has played a very safe game.

  5. After the feds made Perdigao out to be a liar, I don’t know how the feds are going to use Perdigao as a witness.

    The feds are corrupt in their handling of this matter — and many people know it.

    So long Letten, it would have been better to keep yourself clean instead of safe.

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