Hawaii Five-O: Consumers Protected in Hilo, not on Hilo Way

The good people over at Insurance Law Hawaii picked up coverage of Dickerson where we once again find Mississippi’s lack of a timely payment statute leaves us out in the cold.  Bottom line, if you are lucky enough to live in Hilo or Maui you’re half way protected. On the other hand if you live on Hilo Way or Maui Street you’re pretty much SOL:

The Fifth Circuit also affirmed an award of statutory penalties for arbitrarily failing to pay a claim within thirty days. After receiving the first adjuster’s report concluding that the wind caused the damage, Lexington took no action for over sixty days.

Hawaii’s Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act lists as an unfair practice the failure to offer payment within thirty days of affirmation of liability if the amount of the claim has been determined and it is not in dispute, Haw. Rev. Stat. 431:13-103 (a)(11)(F), but there is no statutory penalty for such delay.

Congrats to Tred for making the elite list of insurance blogs at Alltop. Keep making like Joe Friday guys and the big time litigators down here such as Rick and Soren will keep you stocked with material.