Breaking: Brent Warr Indicted (Updated)

What a sad day for the Mississippi Coast. The investigation has been lengthy and no doubt very thorough. This case boils down to Warr’s place of residence when Katrina hit. The feds evidently are not buying into the story he lived on the beach when the storm hit.  Here is the indictment courtesy of Yallpolitics. Now the mayors of the two largest cities in the State are under federal indictment.

The Sun Herald coverage is here. “Uncle Walter” will be the judge.  😉


Insurance fraud is part of the mix per counts 13-16. According to the indictment he and the Mrs defrauded Lexington Insurance.

We have a new post examining a civil case released today by the 5h Circuit Court of Appeals that deals with a Katrina residency issue. It can be found here.

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  3. John Grisham would love this perfect example of such obvious political prosecution. Hmm, who could have orchestrated this political “hit” , and was defeated anyway? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the truth?

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