Napolitano searching for director of the “F-word”

James Lee Witt is no longer the only named possibility for director of FEMA.  The Times Picayune reports Secretary Napolitano has a short list of new names under consideration.

Newly confirmed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is close to naming a new FEMA administrator, with several new names in the mix of potential candidates, including retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, congressional staffers said Wednesday…

Also being considered, according to staffers who have been briefed by Obama transition officials, are Bruce Baughman, a 24-year FEMA veteran who left the agency in 2003 and now is a homeland security consultant for the Baton Rouge risk management firm IEM, and Mark Merritt, a former FEMA official who now leads a consulting firm with President Bill Clinton’s former FEMA director, James Lee Witt.

Agency experience, IMO, is baggage for anyone – Witt, Baughman or Merritt. Experience in disaster management is certainly not baggage but neither is it needed.  That leaves the recently retired we’re-not-stuck-on-stupid Honore, who led 22,000 federal troops into New Orleans as commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, alone on the list.  Continue reading “Napolitano searching for director of the “F-word””

Yeah, Yeah, YEAH WooooAhWooooo OH OH OH OH OHHhhhhh….Senator Vitter has a 2010 Opponent

He has been a good friend to both prostitute via repeated patronage and the slabbed via his support of the multi peril concept but I couldn’t resist this story once I saw the link Editilla hung on today’s ladder to the Bayou Buzz post on the topic. First let’s take a trip down memory lane to set this up courtesy of Youtube:


Now some snippets from the Bayou Buzz post on Senator Vitter’s 2010 opponent:

They finally found a porn star to run against David Vitter.

An advertisement on the website Craigslist seems to imply that the search for a “female candidate with a history in the adult entertainment industry to challenge Senator Vitter” in the GOP primary has been fulfilled. Continue reading “Yeah, Yeah, YEAH WooooAhWooooo OH OH OH OH OHHhhhhh….Senator Vitter has a 2010 Opponent”

Load the buses! State Senate schedules hearing on insurance issues!

Consumers, industry representatives and the Mississippi Insurance Department will have the opportunity to discuss statewide insurance issues before the State Legislature at a 3 p.m. special hearing Wednesday in Room 216 of the State Capitol.

The hearing was called by Senate Insurance Committee Chairman Buck Clarke (R-Hollandale).

“We have begun serious discussion on the numerous insurance bills that have been proposed this session. I feel it is important that this committee receive as much data and information as possible. Good information enables us to find ways to keep insurance rates down throughout the state and especially on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. By hearing from all involved, on each side of these issues, we as legislators can make studied and informed decisions regarding the outcome of these pending bills,” Clarke said.

The hearing is open to the public .h/t Sun Herald

A few tips for those interested in attending: Continue reading “Load the buses! State Senate schedules hearing on insurance issues!”

Judge Acker issues duh-say-what Opinion Order in Refroe Rigsby

Judge Acker issued an Opinion-Order in the Renfroe-Rigsby Alabama case that speaks for itself – and says, “Duh, say what?” Honesttogod.

The court has previously granted the joint motion of the parties to continue the pretrial conference previously set for

January 15, 2009, but the court has a question or two about the proposed briefing schedule and stipulation that accompanied the motion.  The court’s questions must be answered before the court can intelligently react to the stipulation and proposed schedule.

Turns out not to be “a question or two” but three four. Continue reading “Judge Acker issues duh-say-what Opinion Order in Refroe Rigsby”