Nowdy’s insurance believe-it-or-not

Inspired by Steve’s comment and encourged by Sop to post an article that just arrived in email, I try to squeeze as many insurance believe-it-or-not items into this post as I can in the time available.

From Texas via email comes insurance news from a reporter with a name that in the context of Hurricane Ike is the first insurance believe-it-or-not, Mary Flood.  Adding to the irony of her name is her report is on the shameful conduct of the Great American Insurance Company:

An insurance company with a potential $25 million liability from a fatal 2007 Houston office fire announced Wednesday that it will drop its legal argument that the victims’ families aren’t entitled to a payout because the deaths were caused by smoke pollution, not the fire’s flames…

Why with that exposure who anyone take the added risk of claims for mental anguish?  The only possible explanation is that, unlike the Texas Windstorm Association, these Great Americans [sic] don’t require policyholders to use a  “slabberator” to calculate loss. Continue reading “Nowdy’s insurance believe-it-or-not”

Wonder about Sop no longer

Yep it’s official, the day job is my life. (Sup this should be just about right for you and Jim Brown).


A few quick hits:

Checking in and for our new readers I noticed Victoria Pynchon’s blog sent us several referrals yet again today. Ms Pynchon’s entry on one of our posts put us on the cyber map and the rest is history. Her blog is very good.

Moving along and around that same general time period as Vicky’s blog entry on us, Martha Neil of the ABA Journal featured one of our posts in her online column. Once I remember a name it sticks with me and I bring up Ms Neil because Nowdy emailed me another of her recent columns, this one on layoffs at Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom:

The ax reportedly has fallen on attorneys and staff at four more well-known law firms, in addition to three that made layoffs news last week. Continue reading “Wonder about Sop no longer”

BREAKING! 5th Circuit issues Order, Substitute Opinion in Dickerson v Lexington (AIG)

Amici or not, No member of the panel nor judge in regular active service1 of the court having requested that the court be polled on Rehearing En Banc (FED. R. APP. P. and 5TH CIR. R. 35),the Petition for Rehearing En Banc is DENIED, according to the Order issued by the 5th Circuit in Dickerson v Lexington (AIG).

Treating the Petition for Rehearing En Banc as a Petition for Panel Rehearing, the Petition for Panel Rehearing is GRANTED, the opinion of the court filed December 22, 20082 is WITHDRAWN, and the revised panel opinion filed herewith is SUBSTITUTED…

When the 5th Circuit judges focus on law and not the science of hurricane damage, the difference in their Opinions is like night and day – and a new day dawned for Burden of Proof in the substitute opinion in Dickerson v Lexington (AIG). Continue reading “BREAKING! 5th Circuit issues Order, Substitute Opinion in Dickerson v Lexington (AIG)”