5th Circuit spits out Order on judge’s blow jobs!

Here’s the Order.  Otherwise, my lips are sealed; and, I won’t be revealing the name of the gentle reader who responded to my request to forward cases of interest.

However, Saturday’s post on my favorite “this ain’t a blog”, Kiss my Big Blue Butt, indicates there’s more than one judge messing with folks in Texas.

Okay, campers, it’s Saturday on a cold weekend, you’re still in your jammies, and you ain’t got nothing better to do than read this thing I’m fixing to share with you.

Even if you don’t read this until Monday at work, you still ain’t got nothing better to do.

This is a pdf of a document from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, issued last month about the Republican Chief Justice of the Texas 10th Court of Appeals, which is located close enough to Waco to legally house the insane and feeble minded.

Tom Gray, the chief Justice in question, is vicious, clearly nuts, and has himself a kink in his thinker mechanism, but he’s also admitting to being a criminal, and entering other judge’s offices.

This is four pages of dandy reading, and you’re gonna thank me for bringing it to your attention.  So, here ya go, Crazy Republican Judges at Work and Play in Texas.  Enjoy!

And here’s some photos of Judge Gray at work and play and doing God only knows what in other judge’s offices.

Thanks to Wright N. Justice for the heads-up.

Failed Everyone Miserably Again – the “F word is back

Ike inspired the good folks over in Texas to figure out what FEMA stood for – and the news that the “F-word” is blaming some of its failure on over-eaters in Louisiana inspired me to dig up the Texas story and dish it out.

When I made a quick stop by the Houston Chronicle to see how the Louisiana story was playing there, I found no indication of any coverage of over-eating in Louisiana – but I did find what happened to a lot of the ready-to-eat meals intended for Ike victims.

It took a hurricane for most Houston’s citizens to learn that Mayor Bill White has a temper.

After all, he not only rarely raises his voice in public, he rarely changes tones.

But those who have worked with him know him to be a man whose patience is short and who is more than ready to express his annoyance when people have not done the job he thinks they should have.

Some were surprised, however, to learn that he had used language unfit for Sunday school to express his anger last Tuesday at finding trucks loaded with ice, water and food sitting at the Reliant Center while thousands of people waited in lines for the supplies for hours at Points of Distribution (PODs).

White staffers were unapologetic for their boss’s use of crude language to two women from the Georgia Forestry Commission here to help distribute the food, ice and water.

Having been to POD sites and seen long lines of people waiting, then to Reliant and seeing long lines of 18-wheelers sitting, White said something to the effect of “You need to be getting these (expletive) trucks out of here.”

White’s office produced a log of deliveries showing that, two hours after opening, nine of 11 PODs had received no water or food, and only five had received ice.

After White’s outburst, things picked up.

“Maybe it was worth a word or two that rhymes with truck,” said White spokesman Frank Michel — thereby settling a discussion in at least one city office as to exactly what the word was. Continue reading “Failed Everyone Miserably Again – the “F word is back”