Goodness, gracious it’s Scruggs II – or is it Merkel III?

Call it Scruggs II, Merkel III, or what it really is – great balls afire says Jerry Lee – a testosterone contest according to people who study such and write papers like Competition and Testosterone at, where else but, the University of Texas.

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It may shake your nerves and rattle your brain; but, the Complaint is here (h/t y’all) and represents one side of the legal argument.  At this point, goodness gracious, we have no idea just how many sides there will be; but, we’ll report them all. Stay tuned.

No standing? Mississippi insurance law gives AG Hood standing

Perhaps Rankin County Judge John Grant really knows how to spell judgment and wasn’t violating Section 7-5-301-5 with his opinion dismissing the Attorney General’s lawsuit against the insurance industry filed in Hinds County Chancery Court. I’ll leave that to the folks at Y’all to figure out as I picked this decision up reading there.

Therefore, the Court finds that the Attorney General has no standing to assert claims on behalf of Nationwide’s or Allstate’s policyholders with regard to the subject policies, including flood exclusions. Judgement (sic) on the pleadings in regard to Defendant’s argument that the Attorney General lacks standing to challenge the private insurance contracts at issue should be granted to Defendants.

The standing of the Attorney General I found in the State Code.  Note the Attorney General has had this authority since 1998 and the date of the last amendment to this section was prior to Katrina.

7-5-301. Insurance Integrity Enforcement Bureau; creation; purpose.

There is created within the Office of the Attorney General an Insurance Integrity Enforcement Bureau. The duty of the bureau is to investigate and prosecute claims of insurance abuses and crimes involving insurance. The Attorney General may employ the necessary personnel to carry out the provisions of Sections 7-5-301 through 7-5-311. Continue reading “No standing? Mississippi insurance law gives AG Hood standing”

More on the Recent RICO Settlement: Anita Lee reports on the more that first met the eye

Nowdy’s instincts were right about there being a story behind the story in the case of the settlement of Shows v State Farm, which we broke here last Friday.  In this case the more is that 225 individual claims were also settled albeit 42 months after the fact.  Anita Lee filed the report for the Sun Herald:

Former policyholder clients of disgraced attorney Dickie Scruggs have settled their lawsuits against State Farm, including racketeering allegations that the insurance company conspired with vendors to shortchange customers.

Policyholder law firm Provost Umphrey indicated more than 225 cases — 90 percent of those the firm had against State Farm in Mississippi — have been settled, including the racketeering lawsuit with 38 plaintiffs. Terms of the settlements are confidential.

“A combination of factors came together to allow the successful resolution of these claims including, the compensation amount, the exhaustion of the clients with the legal pursuit of their claims, unfavorable legal rulings over the last year and half and a fresh perspective afforded by new counsel,” a typed statement from Provost Umphrey said. Continue reading “More on the Recent RICO Settlement: Anita Lee reports on the more that first met the eye”

Good Job Brownie! Bushie Defends his Katrina Response. “I finally threw in the towel on my vacation in Crawford what else could I have done?”

towlieAlright I made up the quote. Whatever the heck  Bushie is smoking must be some damn good shit.

As always the comments tell the tale. “Goodbye and good riddance”.

Ben Marble is a man ahead of the times….