Speaking of Friends to the Slabbed

There has been no greater friend to the people on the coast than our very own Nowdy. All her recent posts are top flight especially the one on  housing. Great job partner.

12 thoughts on “Speaking of Friends to the Slabbed”

  1. I read an article in the Clarion-Ledger there was a pending Homeowner Bill of Rights. I would like your opinions on whether this is political window dressing? Also, is it balanced to the point it does not have a negative impact in insurance availability on the coast?

  2. Sup I think a policyholder bill of rights is essential which would explain why many states have them. As good a friend as Nowdy and the State House of Representatives has been to us, Phil Bryant and his Insurance Committee Chair Buck Clark are no friends to the state’s many insurance consumers. This bill will die in the State Senate just as it has the previous two years.

    I also predict Mike Chaney will continue to duck this issue as well.

    To the extent the insurance industries big business loving friends in the GOP have worked hard to defeat this measure means it must be more than just political window dressing IMHO.


    ps. Lewis Grizzard eh? Good stuff Sup – I always knew you were good people even if I had you misgendered for a while.

  3. Sop, I certainly don’t have a problem with requiring carriers to be ethical in their dealings with policyholders. I also understand the political reality that these type initiatives rarely see implementation.

    My concern is that the writers do not understand the reality of the marketplace. The last thing you folks on the Gulf Coast need is a further tightening of availability. We have already discussed how the personality of the MS Gulf Coast has been changed forever by Katrina.

    I don’t even want to go to the “cottage” discussion as it is apparent there is disagreement among the residents of the coast about these. I have no solution for the affordable housing issue.

  4. I think they understand it Sup and availability can’t be much tighter since most everyone on the coast is in the windpool. We already pay some of the highest P&C rates in the country so that should not be an issue.

    The cottage discussion is what is hot and is dividing slabber against slabber. I had a life long friend get so angry at me a few weeks back talking about this issue he turned redfaced. Probably why Nowdy wrote the post. 😉

    I am pro affordable housing. I will not invest several hundred thousand dollars in a house however, if cottages are allowed to stay in my new neighborhood in Waveland. They are not the silver bullet the Sun Herald makes them out to be – our area losing FEMA rental assistance will do far more harm to keeping ppl housed than ending the cottage program.

    There is a group of us from across the south who met on Yahoo finance that gather periodically in the Atlanta area to talk stocks and finance. We’d love to have you visit next time we get together.


  5. A bit late in the day to say thank you, Sop, but at l never anticipated it would take the entire day to write the post I just put up – and I do thank you for the kind mention.

  6. Nowdy has been a godsend to all. Nice to have someone who can articulate the issues with an eye toward ensuring that those not directly impacted by Katrina can comprehend the issues. She is a fierce researcher who can connect the dots of Katrina ‘s complex issues in a matrix of understanding expressed with verbal percision more fitting of an offline scholarly publication.

  7. You are too kind, thank you Steve. I don’t feel like much of a scholar as I just put up post with two different type sizes – duh!

  8. It is my understanding the Bill of Rights is exactly whan coast homeowners asked for with two exceptions which run contrary to federal and state law. EVERYTHING else they asked for is in the new Bill of Rights.
    And it won’t decrease homeowner policies one whit.
    Most of the new Bill of Rights was copied directly from the Texas BOR and Texas has the highest homeowner premiums in the nation.

  9. As I have stated I have no problem with requirements that companies handle their business in an ethical ways. However, if the BOR gets into limiting price increases it crosses into that possibility of limiting availabilty.

    The DOI could have a regulation saying any increases over a certain percentage statewide with individual policyholder impact must be approved by the DOI.This works in other states.

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