not like kissing your sister – Merlin on claims settlement

In my non-lawyer world, you either win, lose or tie – and I’ve more or less applied that understanding to the claims disputes following Katrina.

Consequently, my view of a settlement agreement has been “like kissing your sister” – a tie, not a win or a loss.

Thanks to two very candid posts by Chip Merlin, I have a more enlightened perspective. Since I’m genetically predisposed to fight for a cause I believe in, I had to read each of Chip’s posts twice before the lights turned on; but, he clearly explains how settlement can be a big win, not just a win.

The first, Effective Endgame Communication, is an eye-opener or the preparation that goes into the settlement process.

Most cases resolve before a trial. Continue reading “not like kissing your sister – Merlin on claims settlement”