Just like the ones I used to know – Judgment of Dismissal entered in Payment v State Farm

It’s not a dream at all and I imagine Dr. Payment’s Christmas will be green not white.  Judge Senter entered the Judgment of Dismissal on the docket today.

It’s just like ones I used to know – McIntosh v State Farm also ended in a Judgment of Dismissal.

Take a look at this Sop and Nowdy tag team post on McIntosh.  With a lot of help from our readers, I believe we covered the difference between a Judgment of Dismissal and an Order of Dismissal.

I can hardly keep my eyes open as I type – speaking of dreaming – but I don’t want to close without complimenting Dr. Payment’s attorneys from Wise Carter.   Excellent work!

2 thoughts on “Just like the ones I used to know – Judgment of Dismissal entered in Payment v State Farm”

  1. Given the undisputed case facts, especially after the recent Dickerson decision at the 5th Circuit it wouldn’t surprise me if SF didn’t self assess for bad faith in the settlement.

    These cases were never about burden of proof – that is revisionist BS. Hundreds of years of case law apply here and when SF decided to blanket deny their insured they crossed the line into bad faith. They also knew they would be able to take advantage of many of those made homeless by Hurricane Katrina regardless of the law. One day the people that make policy in this country will understand why it is patently a bad idea to have to take your insurer to the courthhouse steps in order to make them perform their contractual obligations.

    To the extent another case has been settled, albeit 3 years too late, is cause for congratulations. IMHO ff the Farm did well by Dr Payment I’m certain they would have publicized it like they did the McIntosh settlement.


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