Another Beef Plant Felon Gets an Appointment Date to the Greybar Hotel

This time it is Charles Morehead’s turn to face the camera and answer the age old question, “Where’s the beef?” Based on the fate of the others I’d judge Morehead’s chance of getting just probation somewhere between 0-5%.

Lessons learned?  Never trust a former ambulance chaser from Batesville.

The Sun Herald has the story:

A Georgia businessman ensnared in the Mississippi beef plant scandal has asked a federal court to sentence him to probation and home confinement.

Charles K. Morehead pleaded guilty in August to withholding information during a federal probe of the failed beef plant and illegal political contributions given to then-Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.

He was the third executive of the Facility Group of Smyrna, Ga., to plead guilty over the failed Mississippi Beef Processors LLC.
In documents made public Monday, Morehead’s attorney, Jerome Froelich Jr., said Morehead’s family will suffer, if he goes to prison, because he’s a caregiver to his ailing parents and his wife with medical and emotional problems.

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