Open thread – we’ll all be thankful to know what’s on your mind.

I’ve run across stories of interest but my family is more interested in making certain I don’t slab the turkey; and, so, like Sop, I’ve got cooking at the top of my agenda.

I’ll start with one still up on my screen and hope others will add items of interest or comments.

Left out of the Bailout: The Poor

As the roster of corporations and financial institutions in line for government bailouts seems to grow, some public-policy advocates in Washington are calling on policymakers to focus more efforts on the nation’s poorest. The ranks of the destitute are growing quietly but alarmingly as much of the world focuses on troubles surrounding Wall Street. “Recent data show poverty is already rising quite substantially,” says Robert Greenstein, executive director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “There is a strong potential for more hardship and destitution than we have seen in this country in a number of decades.”

…Signs of the recession’s impact on America’s impoverished are increasingly apparent, Greenstein says, pointing to a dramatic rise in food-stamp caseloads in recent months. The number of people using food stamps has risen 9.6%, or roughly 2.6 million people, from August 2007 to August 2008, the last period for which data are available. Food banks around the country are reporting longer lines even as donations are falling….

A reminder on the eve of a day of Thanksgiving that Main Street is not the only street in town.

Reality hits Texas “…quick to take your payment but very slow to pay your claim.

Our home in Bridge City , Texas was flooded with six feet of water. We were one of the very few people who purchased federal flood insurance through Allstate. It has been since Sept. 13th and we still have not received a dime from Windstorm nor the flood policy. I cannot believe how crooked these insurance companies are. We had the same problem after Hurricane Rita. All of the insurance companies are the same………………….quick to take your payment but very slow to pay off a claim. (emphasis added)

Reader comments to the Houston Chronicle update on claims handling following Ike ditto many of those following Katrina.

After Ike raked Mike Hurlbert’s home on the Bolivar Peninsula to the slab, an adjuster was quick to come to his home.

Money from the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, however, was slower to arrive. And then, when it did, it was only what TWIA considers an advance.

The agency told him it needed more time to figure out how much of the damage was due to wind, which TWIA covers, and how much was due to flood, which it does not. Continue reading “Reality hits Texas “…quick to take your payment but very slow to pay your claim.”