How POTUS knew Katrina hit New Orleans [sic] (formerly titled “Guess our invitation won’t be in the mail!)

If any of us were actually expecting an invitation from the White House, this announcement ought to be enough to keep Sop’s tux, belle’s party dress, and my dancing shoes in the closet.

Desiree Rogers, a prominent Chicago businesswoman, is receiving loads of attentiDesiree Rogers Chicago businesswoman and Obama fundraiser named White House social secretary by president elect Barack Obamaon today. Barrack Obama named the 49-year-old Rogers as his White House social secretary this morning, making her the first African American to hold that position, like her boss.

Rogers happens to be a friend of Michelle and a major fundraiser for the Obama campaign.

She’ll leave her position managing social networking at Allstate Financial to join the cabinet.

Before that, Rogers managed the Illinois lottery in the 1990s, appearing on TV as a show host and becoming a local celebrity of sorts.

As social secretary, she’ll use her Rolodex of social and professional contacts to organize White House events. The job encompasses everything from arranging parties for the First Lady and president to staging state dinners.

Hey, Sop, you think she has a degree in sociology or anthropology?

8 thoughts on “How POTUS knew Katrina hit New Orleans [sic] (formerly titled “Guess our invitation won’t be in the mail!)”

  1. Don’t know Nowdy. She sounds like a local girl made good to me. I don’t hold the Allstate pedigree against her, somebody had to arrange the party after all. 😉


  2. She’s also Harvard MBA – and given the number of invitations I expect the “first couple” will receive and extend, it may take that MBA to manage the schedule.

    New Orleans roots hopefully trump all other (no pun intended).

  3. I didn’t think the Harvard MBA was special enough to mention. All the bankrupt companies and countries are led by Harvard MBAs. Zulu queens have a much better track record.

  4. Don’t worry folks her motto is– “laissez les bon temps rouler.” This girl bleeds purple and gold. Lets hope after the job in the White House we can get this girl back home to New Orleans. She has got to be missing home by now?

  5. I have to admit I have a bit of a crush on Desiree so I think she can do no wrong. I think she needs to invite me to the White House so I can meet her, not Obama.

  6. I think she needs to invite you up, too – just so you can whisper in her ear, “Katrina didn’t hit New Orleans”.

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