About Those State Farm Anthropologists

It’s not that I didn’t believe my source (sorry Mr Bullstroke this one remains anonymous for now) but I had to get a link to confirm what I was told.  All I can add at this point is when we can author the post on the subject, the truth will be stranger than fiction. Until then I’ll leave the link and a teaser question following the blockquote.  Reading about Ms Spears it is obvious she is blessed with great business talent which State Farm no doubt recognizes:

Spears, who worked while pursuing her degree, says that her employer was always flexible concerning class schedules.“When I needed to adjust my hours to attend a daytime class, my management made it possible.” Spears says she recently celebrated 14-years with the company. Spears also owns Spears Consulting Services, and says that she hopes to publish a book on her business strategy and apply for a grant to expand her research on the subject she began at Illinois State University.

And of course the teaser question, Why would State farm want anthropologists and socialogists on their payroll? Anyone care to hazard a guess?


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  1. depends, Sop, did they hire anthropologists before or after Balducci’s famous statement about he and Scruggs knowing where all the bodies were buried?

    BTW, the current page at that link doesn’t mention State Farm but it does feature graduate working for Motorola.

    “The skills I learned in little under 6 years at Illinois State University could not have been more beneficial in my last seven years at Motorola… I feel that the time I spent in my studies of Sociology really gave me a lot of information about how people are affected by their past interactions with people, their upbringing and their socio-economical factors. In the end, getting them to work together in a collaborative manner comes down to doing your best to understand them and their needs…

    I once worried that I might be limited in how I could use my degree in Sociology, but the truth is I have done supply chain planning, sales operations and product operation…”

    Thus, I expand your question to include, “what is it that State Farm has in common with Motorola?

    The answer is not that they insure televisions.

  2. Read Ms Spears bio again Nowdy.

    Spears is employed at State Farm Insurance Company in the Life/Health Underwriting department where she serves as a Team Leader. Spears, who worked while pursuing her degree…..

  3. Every time you refresh the page, it changes alumni bios. Eventually you get the State Farm team player.
    I guess sociology training would be useful for ignoring individual circumstances and instead focusing on the statistical averages of the group.
    Sociologists see the forest but not the trees.
    Psychologists see the trees but not the forest.

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