Anyone Else Remember Maria Brown? Let’s catch up shall we.

Our long term readers no doubt remember the lusty saga of Maria Brown who surfaced with salacious allegations of sexual harassment against her former employer and Scruggs Katrina Group member Nutt and McAlister PLLC when all hell was breaking loose with the Dickie Scruggs criminal case. At the time we were criticized in some quarters because we didn’t blindly believe Ms Brown’s allegations of sexual harassment and of course the complaint vaporized in the face of production of her in office emails which revealed Ms Brown possessed a very healthy libido.

Today Ms Brown surfaced in the Clarion Ledger telling a story of now having to wait tables one day a week to supplement the meager income her new job provides. Ms Brown is also sick of working for lawyers and recounts how she was “laid off” from her paralegal job at Nutt & McAlister and working briefly at another law firm before saying sayonara to the legal profession.  What the article doesn’t mention however is why Ms Brown has “had enough of lawyers”, ostensibly even her one time paramour John Doe.

What is clear is that the economy was not the only thing slumping when Ms Brown left Nutt & McAlister and frankly I think all parties involved in the lawsuit found the entire affair most deflating, especially John Doe. From the perspective of the policyholders the entire specter of being used as pawns in a legal pissing contest was icing on the cake of two years of abuse by insurers and worse, certain of the legal team that was supposed to be representing them.

maria-brownA picture is worth a thousand words so I’ve imported the C-L photo of Ms Brown hard at work with her new employer. If this is what it means to be in good hands God help us all.


2 thoughts on “Anyone Else Remember Maria Brown? Let’s catch up shall we.”

  1. Speaking of Hands, her right one is the focus here.
    Gripping. Gnarly. Swollen. Arthritic?
    Is she a partial aphasic?
    Editilla prospectulatas that she is unwittingly performing air fellatio upon an imaginary paramour, say, John Doe?
    She looks to be asleep so perchance this could be the case?
    Is she holding a peanut m&m? Doodling. Jotting impotent notes? What?
    And get the color of that lamp to her right… says much, no?
    Bull fighters. She wants a bull fighter.

  2. You can’t help but form a mental picture of how someone looks from their cyber persona – in Ms Brown’s case that would be the PACER filings in her lawsuit. The suit came out of the blue and accelerated to very nasty quickly before exploding after Nutt & McAlister thrust Ms Brown’s lusty emails into the public domain.

    IMHO Maria Brown was a dupe, the unfortunate one who has become a symbol for everything that went wrong that caused those “policyholder casualties” Judge Senter wrote of so eloquently in that opinion.

    I bet she is sick of lawyers. And I bet her lawyers in the civil suit wished they never saw her. The entire saga was a bad side effect from drinking the hate filled kool aid of that point in time. As you can see Editilla lawyers aren’t immune from falling for a good line of BS on occasion themselves.

    There is another player such as Maria Brown that we have not blogged much about but one we have not forgotten in John Jones, the lawyer on the other side of the Scruggs fee dispute. That famous corn on the ground wiretap transcript also contained a section where Zach Scruggs discussed reporting Jones to the bar for leaking privledged info about his former polichyholder clients to State Farm in his pissing contest over the fees from the first mass settlement.

    There is an entire other story out there, the inconvenient one that didn’t fit the mood in the rush to take out Dickie Scruggs. Dem bones – the skeletons left behind……


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