The Scheme – fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city Mind Games (Chapter 3 Qui Tam)

Mind gamesI’ve been to meat city to see for myself…mind games fuck a pig mind games…fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city shookdown u.s.a…mind games

Anything can become a weapon. In mind games, words become missiles – hope killing daggers to the heart of an issue hidden among other words and as difficult to detect as a needle hidden in a haystack of needles.

Lennon wrote Mind Games during a period of separation from Ono that led to his involvement in a triangle with Ono and another woman. Sped up and backward tracked, his favorite expression fuck a pig is hidden in the song Meat City.

In the mind games insurers have played since Hurricane Katrina, fuck a pig translates to anti-concurrent causation played at any speed, tracked forward or backward, during the period of separation of damage from coverage – a period when words are mind games played with hope killing daggers to the already broken hearts of policyholders. Continue reading “The Scheme – fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city Mind Games (Chapter 3 Qui Tam)”

A Tale of Two Mississippi Banks

I have great respect for both institutions but in this instance the contrast is striking. We’ll start with Hancock Bank via WLOX:

Hancock Bank has told the government thanks but no thanks to the financial bailout plan. Hancock Bank’s parent company, Hancock Holding announced Thursday it will not participate in ‘TARP,’ also known as ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program’ set up to help struggling financial institutions.

Hancock Bank officials say the company is one of the nation’s strongest and safest financial institutions and continues to make sound loans. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Mississippi Banks”

A Quick Note About the Horizons Development plus Wall Street Meets Azalea Drive

This post from May linked several Sun Herald stories on developers Robert Windham and Mike Adkinson and their taste for large tracts of land in Stone County. That post, which generates continued interest contained this blurb: 

Frankly I think this is wishful thinking. Even if they get enough money to keep the project on life support, it is doomed. The article explains why:

Stone County Supervisor Wendell Patton said the developers are proceeding with Beaver Creek Estates, which he said will have 498 lots on 346 acres. He said they have installed a water tank, drilled a well, paved roads and built sidewalks.

In response to a comment on that thread I promised to ask around. Several months later Continue reading “A Quick Note About the Horizons Development plus Wall Street Meets Azalea Drive”