We Have Some New Filings on USA v Perdigao

In fact we have the plea agreement, factual basis, forfeiture, a sentencing date and more on the Perdigao legal page. I noted some of the docs were not signed by Mr Wessel.

I’ve read the docs and have some thoughts but am interested in hearing what Sally and some of the others have to say. All the docs can be found on our Perdigao legal page.


3 thoughts on “We Have Some New Filings on USA v Perdigao”

  1. The U.S. Attorneys office has no present plans on using any information Perdigao provided; however, if it does, it will inform the Court.

    I think we knew that. We are waiting to know something different. Maybe we have to wait for a new U.S. Attorney because this office sure didn’t act on the information provided.

  2. Good question, Geaux. I was wondering why they haven’t siezed the girlfriend’s house, assuming it was paid off using the stolen check.

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