A Quick Thought While I tend to all my Irons in the Fire

When pundits compare this nation to one from history to make a point, Rome is inevitably used as the supposed historical parallel. Personally I do not believe the myth that history repeats itself. I do have an affinity for Roman history though.

The election of Barack Obama and the potential for greatness many people see in him reminds me of what a “foreigner” can accomplish.  If you are interested in Roman history I’d like to introduce you to Trajan, Rome’s first non-Italian emperor. Wiki has this short blurb on Trajan that sums his reign up nicely:

As an emperor, Trajan’s reputation has endured throughout history. Every new emperor after him was honoured by the Senate with the prayer felicior Augusto, melior Traiano, meaning “may he be luckier than Augustus and better than Trajan”……..while the 18th century historian Edward Gibbon popularized the notion of the Five Good Emperors, of which Trajan was the second.

As our friend Mr CLS likes to say we’re all in this together. And while we could replace the ‘Augustus’ and ‘Trajan’ with our great Presidents such as Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan (IMHO) in the old Roman political blessing, the sentiment remains the same. To President elect Obama from us mushrooms here at Slabbed.

Felicior Augusto, melior Traiano’

And may peace and prosperity once again return to our great land.


7 thoughts on “A Quick Thought While I tend to all my Irons in the Fire”

  1. gitcha’gitcha’gitcha
    No, a little one never hurt anybody,,, but a Big Psilocybin? Whooooaaahhhh!
    Watch Out!

    Actually you could slam my tongue in a car door and drag me down the street and I’d die laughing right now.
    Wanna know why?
    Because I grew up with 11 families living on our farm, without Ever seeing a Black Person in our house that wasn’t getting paid a fraction of the minimum wage.
    Never saw one in the yard. Occasionally they could be spotted in the back driveway getting a loan from my father
    And now…
    And now…
    And now…
    That just tickle me to no end!
    I know the first person that every member of my family thought of when they awoke yesterday morning was your oh’so humble Editilla.
    I just know this….
    but don’t ask why.

  2. And yes since you are obviously wondering…
    that is a tiny Stargate I have situated above my head in the picture. Great for quick getaways and disposing of the occasional errant highway patrol officer, “Pocket Startgate” is a must have for any well besotted Stitch’hiker.

  3. –and before anyone gets all pooky about my using the N word, go fish.
    I mean… got any Black Presidents?
    Better yet… got any cynicism, got any shattered faith in Democracy Deeper Than Mine since 2000?
    GO FISH!!!

    You can teach a person to play Go Fish,
    and they will be entertained for hours.
    But, give The People their own deck of cards,
    and we will come up with all sorts of fun gambits!

    Editilla Sinn F

  4. I remember every day of that Presidency.

    Unfortunately the President couldn’t remember. I believe he had alzheimers well before it was disclosed (during his presidency).

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