A landslide win for Taylor, too!

Other than the size of the win, there was no question about Congressman Gene Taylor returning to Congress; however, for those of you outside the State, here’s confirmation of his landslide victory.

The Sun Herald reported our champion of wind and water with 77% of the vote and 99% of the precincts reporting. His quotes in the story indicate why he has such strong support.

Taylor said he has spent as much time as possible at fairs and festivals throughout District 4 talking to people and finding out what issues are important to them.

“The whole idea is to stay in touch with people and continue to serve South Mississippi,” he said.

As regular readers of SLABBED have noticed, Taylor serves his District well; and his legislative priorities and positions are those of the people he represents Continue reading “A landslide win for Taylor, too!”

A Quick Thought While I tend to all my Irons in the Fire

When pundits compare this nation to one from history to make a point, Rome is inevitably used as the supposed historical parallel. Personally I do not believe the myth that history repeats itself. I do have an affinity for Roman history though.

The election of Barack Obama and the potential for greatness many people see in him reminds me of what a “foreigner” can accomplish.  If you are interested in Roman history I’d like to introduce you to Trajan, Rome’s first non-Italian emperor. Wiki has this short blurb on Trajan that sums his reign up nicely:

As an emperor, Trajan’s reputation has endured throughout history. Continue reading “A Quick Thought While I tend to all my Irons in the Fire”

I was 40 when I learned I wasn’t white

That’s right, I’m not white.  I’m yellow.  I’d always thought I was white; but shortly after my youngest child started kindergarten, he told me I was yellow. I believe him. Five year old children are exceeding truthful.

The cause for his announcement – I’m white, mama, I’m white. My teacher is brown, all the people at day care are brown, my doctor is brown.  You’re yellow, mama; but, I’m white – is that he had the best pediatrician I could find and the safest day care of any I knew with the best food in town; and, just as he said, he was white and all the others were brown.  When he found himself in the kindergarten class with the “brown” teacher, he reasoned that I somehow hadn’t noticed he was white.

Carl Rove made a comment tonight about our “color blind” younger generation.  My experience tells me Continue reading “I was 40 when I learned I wasn’t white”