Perdigao’s case goes to trial in 27 days

Got your calendar handy?  Here’s today’s docket entry in USA v Perdigao:

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Louis Moore, Jr:Arraignment as to James G Perdigao (1) Count 1ss-63ss held on 10/31/2008. Defendant remanded. Pretrial Conference set for 11/13/2008 01:30 PM before Judge Eldon E. Fallon. Jury Trial set for 12/1/2008 08:30 AM before Judge Eldon E. Fallon. (Court Reporter Magistrate Clerical.) (dno, ) (Entered: 11/03/2008)

At this point, he faces all 63 counts of the second superseding indictment – including the 30 he entered a guilty plea to last Friday.

With the pre-trial conference set 10 days from now, it’s a good time to mention there are a number of pending  motions before Judge Fallon.  We’ll be posting decisions as the information becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Perdigao’s case goes to trial in 27 days”

  1. Are you waiting for filings into the record? The Judge accepted his plea. Everybody can go home and wait for the sentencing.

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