2 thoughts on “Another Great Political Commercial. Sums Up My Feelings Nicely”

  1. I have watched this video maybe 70 or 80 times, well maybe not that many… I mean, you know Editilla can’t count that high this time of night anyway and if you don’t believe me then just ask Officer Lorraine –she’s waiting right here for me to finish this comment. (sooo this may go on a while shhhhh)

    But really, should one drink and blog?
    But, I digress (HA!)
    … at least 20 times no lie.
    I even did them both side by side just to really get hammered with it. Thus it has dawned on me that we may have something different on our hands with This One.

    However I shall have to hang the other post tomorrow (since these keys are startin’ta get pretty rowdy by the second)…what? Oh… on Spoonamore Voting Machines. I mean, you’re kidding right? Whew! I didn’t t’ink so!
    That would be like having the gov’s head of La Recovery Authority named Rainwater. Oh? He is?
    hmmmm….or like when you type into Google the word “motherfucker” and it always goes to George Bush’s website, that is eventually? Is this fo’rael? Couldn’t it have been Spoonomore? Spoonahore? Spoonsmore? Eweeeeeee.
    My but that is a fine post.
    Thanks for puddin’up wit’me on such short notice.


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