Another Beef Plant Crook Gets His Sentence

No not Ronnie Musgrove, just another one of his campaign finance “friends”, like the folks from Georgia our current Democratic Senatorial candidate shook down. If the last two Rasmunsen polls are right we won’t have to worry about this toe sucking, board appointment selling, beef plant profiting miscreant sullying the halls of the US Senate with the stench of modern day corruption.

The Clarion Ledger has the story:

A refrigeration salesman has been sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for his role in a failed beef plant that cost Mississippi taxpayers millions.

The Mississippi Beef Processors plant in Oakland closed in 2004 just three months after it opened. Mississippi was stuck with $55 million in state-backed loans.

James A. Draper, from Mount Juliet, Tenn., was convicted of fraud and money laundering. He deposited a $187,725 check from the Mississippi Development Authority to his personal account in 2002, then wrote a check to beef plant for all but $20,000 of the amount.

He was sentenced Friday. Several people have been convicted of charges related to the failed plant. Owner Richard N. Hall Jr. is serving eight years in prison.

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