For Those That Have Been Wondering

I hope to resume a more normal blogging schedule next week. The confluence of the October 15th tax deadline, the financial crisis and it’s impacts on my clients (smart contractors are going over their backlogs with fine tooth combs) and the untimely passing of a very close friend have kept me away from blogging.

We have posts coming on the news coverage of the NFIP re-authorization fight, and the continuing fallout from the Camp Coastal scandal along with our bread and butter issue of insurance.

2 thoughts on “For Those That Have Been Wondering”

  1. Thank you Sid I appreciate that.

    Nowdy once told me seeing pols with vastly differing political perspectives become close frends gave her some hope that our democracy actually works.

    The combo of a coast Catholic boy and a gospel singing hardshell Baptist deacon from Marion County was both unlikely and greatly personally enriching for both of us.


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