Eleven special judges appointed to hear 261 Katrina cases still pending in Jackson County courts

Can you believe it? Three years after Katrina there are still so much Katrina litigation remaining that the Mississippi Supreme Court has appointed eleven special judges?

Eleven special judges will be appointed today by the state Supreme Court to hear civil cases related to Hurricane Katrina in Jackson County.

Circuit and County judges in Jackson County recused themselves from hearing civil cases related to Hurricane Katrina. The courts of Jackson County recently requested special judge appointments in about 242 civil cases pending in the Circuit Court and 19 cases pending in the County Court.

I did a quick check of open State Farm cases in the Southern District Federal Court and they have around that same number of cases pending there. I hear that one day our state courts will be on a Pacer-like system – and I’m beginning to wonder if there still won’t be Katrina cases when that one-day finally comes. Continue reading “Eleven special judges appointed to hear 261 Katrina cases still pending in Jackson County courts”

Separating the nuts from the ACORN

When you respect as reader as much as I do our “Sup” and see them as concerned about an issue as she is about ACORN voter registration, it’s only natural to want to know more – and for me that meant hours with my research assistant, AKA google, trying to separate the nuts from the ACORNS.

If you wish to strengthen a lie, mix a little truth in with it.

The search results were telling – in the number one position was a news release from the Republican National Committee! If you click on the link, you’ll see the “story” is actually a transcript and at the end includes this credit:

To View The Entire Video, Please Visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPvJRkyb8PQ Paid for by the Republican National Committee. www.gop.comNot authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.SOURCE Republican National Committee

I didn’t fully understand until I followed a link this morning and ended up here. Continue reading “Separating the nuts from the ACORN”

Oh-me-oh-my-oh Ike windstorm damage claims set record in Ohio

With this report from Ohio, even the Florida “plan” shown on the map clearly won’t reduce claims from hurricane windstorm damage.

Ohio insurers say losses from last month’s windstorm will rival those from the state’s costliest natural disaster of recent decades.

The 1974 tornado that devastated the western Ohio city of Xenia caused about $600 million in damage, according to the Ohio Insurance Institute.

The industry group says at least $553.1 million in insured losses were left by remnants of Hurricane Ike, which swept through the state on Sept. 14.

The institute says the windstorm is generating a record number of claims from Ohio Continue reading “Oh-me-oh-my-oh Ike windstorm damage claims set record in Ohio”