Judge Acker starts the motion meter running in Renfroe v Rigsby (the Alabama case)

Looks as if Judge Acker was ready and waiting for formal notice of the failed attempt to mediate a resolution of Renfroe v Rigsby, the Alabama case.

Today he issued an Order notifying the parties he was starting the meter running on motions that had not been ruled on prior to mediation.

The mediator having reported to the court that mediation was unsuccessful, all motions as yet unruled on are again under submission.

No further briefing will be allowed unless a party wishes to supplement an earlier brief with a decision that was entered by the deciding court after March 1, 2008.

I checked the docket and, best I can tell, the remaining motions are cross motions for Summary Judgment.  In other words, both the Renfroes and Rigsbys have pending motions for dismissal.

Acker narrowly defined any supplemental motions that he will consider.  I certainly expect there will be one or more filed and will continue to check the docket and keep you up to date.

By the way, while I was checking, I looked at the 11th Circuit and found no indication there had been a ruling on the Appeal filed by Dick Scruggs.

Here’s the link to bellesouth’s post on Acker’s last order before mediation began.

Fallon issues Order and Reasons in Perdiago case

Although not exactly good news, its the best there is to offer those concerned about USA Letten’s involvement in USA v Perdigao.

The Court determined that Deputy Chief Fred Harper and U.S. Attorney Jim Letten did not and will not have any direct involvement in the prosecution of the Defendant.

Otherwise, the news from the docket today is Judge Fallon’s Order and Reasons for denying motion for reconsideration of order denying motion for recusal and evidentiary hearing

The parties informed the Court in March of 2008 that plea negotiations had broken down and that a new trial date needed to be selected. The Court held a status conference Continue reading “Fallon issues Order and Reasons in Perdiago case”