about the proven integrity of Todd Graves

Even at this late hour, I can’t let the opportunity to note this development pass or to express my regret that he got slabbed again by the insurance apologists of USA v Scruggs.

As pleased as I am to link a few of the related documents, I can not do so without saying how deeply disappointed I am to see Senator Kit Bond’s association.

The Inspector General’s report on the politics behind DOJ’s firing of nine US Attorneys is here.

PM Muckraker…the IG report released yesterday, gives definition to former U.S. Attorney Todd Graves’ termination and paints a clear case for a politicized firing orchestrated by the office of Missouri Sen. Kit Bond (R).

Graves was the last U.S. attorney to be counted among those fired through the work of Kyle Sampson, chief of staff to Alberto Gonzales and Michael Battle, director of the Executive Office of the United States Attorney. His case differed from the others in many ways — he was fired in January 2006, almost 11 months earlier than the other removed attorneys, and the circumstances around his dismissal were unclear…

While the IG report states that its investigation was significantly hindered by a number of witnesses refusal to cooperate and/or recall events, including that of Sampson, Goodling, members of the White House Counsel staff and Sen. Bond, it clearly states that they found Graves’ firing to be directly a result of Bond’s requests.

CREW…CREW filed an ethics complaint against Senator Bond for his role in removing Todd Graves, the former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, from his position.

The OIG and OPR found it “extremely troubling that the impetus for Graves’s removal as U.S. Attorney appears to have stemmed from U.S. Attorney Graves’s decision not to respond to a Bond staff member’s demand to get involved in personnel decisions in Representative Sam Graves’s congressional office.”

In its complaint, CREW alleges that by seeking Graves’s removal to punish him for refusing to intervene in a dispute between two congressional offices, Sen. Bond and his staff violated Senate rules prohibiting “improper conduct which may reflect upon the Senate.”

Kansas City Star:…To his discredit, Bond refused to be interviewed by investigators for the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility and its Inspector General.

The report concluded that “the way the Department (of Justice) handled Graves’ removal was inappropriate”…

One thought on “about the proven integrity of Todd Graves”

  1. Nowdy that sound you heard was vomit hitting the floor in New Smyrna Beach and Oxford.

    It’s OK to drag reputations through the mud so long as it hung Dickie Scruggs right? In this case the end does justify the means correct?

    But then again I could meet Mr Graves in the flesh, thank him for doing what was right and actually have an expectation he’d thank me and shake my hand in return.

    I like that.


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