Over 47,000 without power on the Coast

Sop must be among those without power; so, I’m pulling this update together from a read-around and hoping to hear from him again soon – his last message came at 9:12 this morning reporting wind and light rain.  Natalie Chandler, a CL reporter on the Coast to cover Gustav fills us in on what’s happened since – Heavy rain, wind create problems in Miss.

Dozens of homes and roads are flooding today and more than 47,000 customers are without power as Hurricane Gustav continues working its way across the Gulf Coast.

About 100 homes are flooding in Pearlington, an area in Hancock County hard hit by Hurricane Katrina three years ago. There are no reports now of anyone inside the homes.

Bay St. Louis officials report downed trees, broken limbs and roof damage from Gustav’s winds, which reached up to 70 miles per hour in some places.

Madison County also has reported scattered power outages.

State officials say storm surge reached 6.5 feet in Pascagoula and 11 feet in Waveland. Water began receding an hour ago, but the area is still experiencing heavy rain and winds at times from Gustav’s outer bands. Jackson County officials say they had to make several high-water rescues.

There are 47,240 without power in the lower six counties of Pearl River, Stone, George, Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties.

Scattered power outages have been reported throughout the city of McComb, Summit, Magnolia and Osyka and the central and southern parts of Pike County.

Guess we’re in for the wind v water debate, part two.  Last check, the levees were holding in NOLA – overflowing but holding.  Lots of news about that but not as much on conditions where Gustav made landfall. Continue reading “Over 47,000 without power on the Coast”

The test of our disaster preparation – dealing with insurance after Gustav

The lessons of Katrina applied – build up, build strong, turn your back to the storm but never take your eye off your insurance provider.

Press releases were going out before Gustav rolled in and the first one I saw included an important reminder.

“There is no question that there is less wind coverage provided along the coastal areas,” said Paul Newsome, an analyst at Sandler O’Neill & Partners, in an interview on Bloomberg television.

No article thus far from MDI on the windpool but Allstate and State Farm both issued separate releases touting their preparation – no doubt thinking the job would be easier with fewer homeowners protected against damage from wind.

Allstate Insurance officials say they are ramping up operations throughout the Gulf Coast in anticipation of Hurricane Gustav’s landfall. Continue reading “The test of our disaster preparation – dealing with insurance after Gustav”