MDOT: I-10 eastbound to Mobile closed


The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has announced that hurricane evacuees will be unable to enter Alabama on I-10 eastbound due to major delays from the Biloxi-Ocean Springs area to the Mobile Tunnel. Drivers will be diverted north on Mississippi 63 at exit 69.

Details: 1-866-521-MDOT.

4 thoughts on “MDOT: I-10 eastbound to Mobile closed”

  1. WHAT the hell???? Have the corn-fed politicians from Mississippi lost their mind? Over 500,000 evacuees are trying to escape a hurricane aimed at New Orleans, and the numb-nuts leaders of the state of Mississippi SCREW their next door neighbors by closing I-10 East?

    Holy CRAP, Batman? What are you Mississippians thinking? Limiting the escape routes for individuals trying to get the hell away from a Cat 3-4 Hurricane is stupid, irresponsible, and definitely not the way to be a good neighbor.

    Mississiippi – thanks for nothing.

  2. Not us. Louisiana blocked I-10.

    JACKSON, MISS., Sunday, August 31, 2008—The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) would like to announce the following traffic update for Interstate 10.

    During contraflow operations, Louisiana restricts traffic from entering Mississippi via Interstate 10 eastbound. This restriction is in effect until the contraflow operation is complete. No other diversions on Interstate 10 in Mississippi are taking place at this time.

    The announcement in this post is simply diverting traffic into Alabama after the tunnel slowed people getting through Mobile.

    Do you need help evacuating?

  3. LA closed access to I-10.

    Mississippi did make alternate routes available when the tunnel backed up.

    Read the post “Gustav if you’re evacuating to the east” (2 below this one)

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