Fit for the King – a personal perspective on Qui Tam

A prize-winning photograph it is not; but, I love the way this snapshot links the many chapters of the Katrina story including this personal perspective on qui tam.

An abbreviation, qui tam translates to [he] who sues for the King and himself.  In our country, King represents the government.  However, ours is a government of, by and for the people. We the people are King; and, our homes – humble, grand, or Katrina cottage – our castles.

The proper title of the Katrina qui tam case would be Nowdy, Sop, Belle… ex rel Rigsby. Of course,  it would have to include another 300 million plus names and that’s just not possible.  Consequently, we the people are presented by the single name USA.

One and all, Cori and Kerri included, we are kings with a Constitutional right to own property once reserved for royalty.  However, when Katrina washed away the evidence of wind damage to many of our castles, they copied the only evidence that remained and have lived with allegations it was stolen thereafter.

As my recent research documented, …a claim for conversion cannot be found where the owner has not been deprived of title or right to use the property.  What was actually stolen was something I saw while providing disaster assistance – the birds eye view provided by my castle, the trailer I lived in for four months following the storm.  From that perspective I saw:

  • newborns who had no nursery;
  • young couples with a mortgage and no place to live; and
  • grandparents without a place to die.

I don’t need discovery to know the way claims were handled deprived some of the right to use their property – an unconscionable theft of the hopes and dreams invested in a home.

God have mercy on these thieves as I have none; bless the Rigsby sisters with forgiveness and the ability to forgive in return; and grant Judge Walker and Judge Senter the wisdom and courage to see justice is done.

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