OK Folks the New Jim Cantore Rumor Goes Like This….(Updated)

I heard this from a friend, who heard it from his brother who knows someone in Janitorial at the IP. Jim Cantore is still in Atlanta but he made reservations to come to the IP in 5 days because the coast will get creamated by Gustav. It’s true according to Lotus at Folo.

I was thinking it’s probably more a matter of Cantore/TWC’s making reservations than actually showing up onsite this far ahead. Not surprised he’s still in Atlanta at this point.

Beulah Balbricker strikes again, always great with spelling but a tad low on common sense.

The real scoop is that TWC corporate cut travel budgets so Cantore made reservations at the Motel 6. 😉

Update: According to the comments left on the Sun Herald story the new rumor is Cantore decided to check in at the Beau. Perhaps Lotus can clarify for a very jittery populace whether he actually checked in at the Beau or merely made reservations.


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