Gustav Forecast Track Changes…..(Updated 3X)


I’ve been holding off posting on Gustav but the latest forecast track has caused quite a stir down in Bay-Waveland according to Steve who called me a few minutes ago.

Just a few years removed from the effects of Katrina the populace is understandably nervous.

I suspect the mood is similar with our neighbors to the west in Louisiana. Belle tells me friends of hers from the City are already making reservations with her in Natchez.

My own thoughts (and hopefully not just wishful thinking) is it is better to be smack in the middle of  the cone of uncertainty at this point than Sunday night. Throw in Ivan from 2004 and we really need this storm to track east of Fort Walton so the joy can be more evenly spread. And with $4 dollar a gallon gas a recent memory the oil rigs could stand the break too.  We’ll see soon enough.

Update: For the weather model junkies among us a friend emailed me this link. Evidently the final path depends on when the Bermuda High Pressure Ridge vacates the eastern Gulf.

Update: The rumor that Jim Cantore is in Biloxi is just that, a rumor and not true according to Melessa Scallon at the Sun Herald.  The panic and stress levels that spawn such rumor is very evident locally and in the comments to Ms Scallons story:

The widespread rumor that meteorologist Jim Cantore is in Biloxi is just that, a rumor.

People from Jackson County to Hancock County have heard that Cantore, who works for The Weather Channel, checked into the IP Resort and Casino.

However, officials with the 24-hour weather station said Wednesday that Cantore is in the Atlanta office and isn’t expected to be in Biloxi.

Update: The new track puts the storm smack in the middle of the oil patch which is bad news for everyone. The area of Louisiana coastline in the center of the cone is Vermillion Bay and is sparcely populated. The stretch of Highway 90 from Morgan City to Lafayette is now dead center and not far from Rita impacted areas.

6 thoughts on “Gustav Forecast Track Changes…..(Updated 3X)”

  1. Put on notice so he can video all of the wind damage. Wherever this storm hits, if it’s a CAT 2 or better, you know what’s coming in the aftermath.

  2. That’s funny, fellows. As I was doing the final edit to my Nationwide post, I came by to link some posts from the past and saw this post and the Gustav feed.

    First thought that came to my mind was I bet there was a first ever run on film as a hurricane preparation. Maybe if folks grab their cameras, Sop, they won’t have to grab their ankles.

  3. I’ve already heard one local half jokingly say that if Tim Marshall comes to town he is going to track him down with a baseball bat. I think he was joking……


  4. As much as I hate it, Gustav needs to come over here (Alabama) to avoid the oil fields and heavily populated areas. Florida is already suffering so as much as I hate to admit it, AL/MS would be the best option at this point. Not that it means anything but I looked at the past tracks and Hanna looks a bit like Katrina and Gustav looks a bit like Ivan. Maybe they will both just disintegrate overnight and we will wake up to clear forecasts.

    well, I can dream anyway.

  5. better dreams than nightmares, Cindy, so you’ve got the right idea – I just can’t figure out how to get the word to Gustav.

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